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The key to your next wonderful web conference.

Adobe Connect has all the features you need to make your next web conference or webinar exceptional. Host live video streams, integrate audio and video conferencing, collaborate on documents, download free and unlimited web recordings, branch your sessions to breakout rooms and more. You can collaborate in workshops, train staff and host product demos, hold e-learning sessions, or any other web conferencing style meeting. It's the whole-package solution for web conferencing.

Adobe Connect Free Trial

Accessibility for Everyone on Everything

With Adobe Connect, you can guarantee all of your participants can join with its optional no-download-required features. It uses Adobe Flash, which is perfectly suited to be for any device. Adobe Connect is available on every common operating system from Windows to Linux, smart phones to tablets, Android to iOS.

Accessibility for Everyoneone
Download or Don't

Download — or Don't

Adobe Connect operates using Flash (soon to work in HTML 5), so attendees don't need to download or install plug-ins. Just sign into the hosted session and that's it! Over 98% of attendees have Flash by default, but for those who don't, Adobe also supports a plugin so that it can be a completely universal solution.

Sign in With Social Media

You want it to be as easy as possible for attendees to access your webinar. With Adobe Connect, they can choose to log in with a social media profile like Facebook or Twitter — no need to fill in any forms. They're just in.

Sign In With Social Media
Live Event or OnDemand

Live Event or On Demand

With Adobe Connect, you can host a live webinar with the ability to enable interactions like chat, Q&A, collaboration and document sharing — OR — host a pre-recorded presentation to be accessed later as part of an e-learning series.

Making the Most of Your Meetings

Now you can host collaborative meetings. Share uploaded presentations and documents and discuss with all your attendees. You can even record the whole thing. Access it from any device. Brand the meeting templates. Super secure.

Make The Most Of Your Meetings
Engaging in Customizable Webinars

Engaging, Customizable Webinars

Deliver dynamic, immersive and interactive webinars. Customize registration and schedule trigger emails to remind registered participants. You can take advantage of integrated landing page and email customization.

Effective Education through E-Learning

You can create on-demand and live online learning programs that can be accessed on any device. Now your lessons can be engaging and fully interactive. Measure user participation. All through Adobe Captivate.

Effective Education through Elearning

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