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Ryan Murphy
June 13, 2019

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW), created by The Good Companions in Ottawa, is a free interactive telephone-based program that connects seniors and adults with physical disabilities who find it difficult to leave home for extended periods of time.  Unable to make it into Seniors’ Centres, they can face social isolation which raises the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease and falls.

Rather than bringing seniors to the Seniors Centre, SCWW brings the Senior Centre to them, figuratively speaking, by offering brain-stimulating activities and a form of social interaction with other seniors in their community.

The SCWW initiative has been so successful that The Good Companions decided it was worth sharing with other senior centres. There are now eight senior centres running this across Ontario, including the Town of Aurora.

Managing calls on behalf of participants

Integral to running this program is a reliable audio-conferencing service over which to connect. Pragmatic is proud to work with the SCWW chapter in the Town of Aurora; we have provided them with Call Manager, an effective and simple visual conference call management experience.  Moderators can use the web interface to help them see which participant is talking, something especially important for larger calls that otherwise can be difficult to manage via audio only.

Karie Papillon is the Adult Program Coordinator for the Town of Aurora.  She is a strong advocate in the value Call Manager has provided to the program. She uses it to manage calls on behalf of the seniors on the line.

Participants are represented by a ‘business card’ which can be customized with an avatar or a picture to give the call a more personal feel.  Call Manager lets the meeting moderator control participants by muting, disconnecting and promoting them with moderator permissions and much more.

According to Karie, “It’s been wonderful for us in the fact that it’s very flexible, provides us with a lot of options.  But it also gives us visual cues, not just auditory cues, which helps keep us on track.”

Keep it simple, seniors

Among the key features offered by Call Manager, Karie appreciates how it keeps things as simple as possible for the seniors who are joining the meeting and don’t want a high-tech option.  The ability to dial out to one senior or a group of seniors at the click of a button is a huge benefit, in that participants do not have to worry about remembering passcodes or phone numbers.

Karie can also see who has disconnected from the call and quickly reconnect them as well, as use the chat feature to communicate with other moderators on the call without disrupting the meeting itself.   Should the SCWW have a session with a key speaker, Karie uses Call Manager to mute all lines during the main presentation to minimize any disruptions.

Pragmatic’s Call Manager application has been such a success for the Town of Aurora, Karie is actively promoting it within her business network: “I’ve done several community presentations about it and gladly spoken of how simple your system is.”

Learn more

To learn more about Call Manager, contact our friendly Customer Success team at 866.736.1413.  You can also email us at or live chat with us via here.  Call Manager is included with your Pragmatic audio-conferencing service at no extra charge.

Our Help Center has an entire library of helpful Call Manager articles.  We encourage you to book a quick demo with us so you can see Call Manager in action!  Click here to choose a demo time slot that works for you.

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