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The Evolution of Cloud Video Conferencing

August 9, 2016

What is cloud video conferencing? For many, it seemed like this phrase entered the teleconferencing sphere overnight. One minute, video conferencing was an exclusive, enterprise-level communications systems that only companies with robust servers could use practically. The next, video conferencing was hosted in the cloud — making it accessible to… Read More

Body language video conferencing

Body Language Tips for Your Next Video Conference

June 29, 2016

Video conferencing is fundamentally changing the way that people communicate. With this change comes challenges that need to be anticipated and overcome in order to maximize the effectiveness of this popular communication channel. Video conferencing is a medium that can help build relationships faster and make meetings more engaging. But when… Read More

why a free conference call will cost your business

Why Free Conference Calls Cost Your Business

June 2, 2016

Looking to save a bit of cash, you, at Company XYZ, sign up for a free conference call provider. After browsing a website, you enter your credit card information, and you’re done. Your boss asks for the moderator code and dials in to book a teleconference with a big client,… Read More


How Easy Is Your Web Conferencing Platform to Connect To?

May 17, 2016

Whether it’s connecting virtually with clients, customers or colleagues, finding the right web conferencing or virtual collaboration tool is vital for your business. The question is, how easy is it to connect to? It’s something companies ask all the time. And while web conferencing tools can be used for a variety… Read More

Video Conferencing hardware for your office.

What’s in Your Video Conferencing Hardware Toolbox?

March 16, 2016

It takes the right tools to do a job properly. A carpenter wouldn’t use a monkey wrench any more effectively than a plumber would use high-grit sandpaper. Conferencing is no different. Depending on the room, audience, medium and personal preferences, you’re going to want the right tools in your toolbox… Read More

polycom realpresence trio 8800 conference phone

Is the RealPresence Trio 8800 the Best Conference Phone Ever? [Review]

March 10, 2016

Already known for their industry-leading products, Polycom’s latest release could be the best conference room phone to date. Seriously. It’s called the RealPresence Trio 8800. As a conferencing provider, we were pretty excited when we got our first one to play with. We actually had to stop our staff from opening it on… Read More