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Trouble Shooting a Conference Call in Real Life

July 28, 2015

There are so many things that go wrong before and during conference calls… and none of them have to. At this point we’ve all seen Tyler and Tripp’s “A Conference Call in Real Life.” You laugh at almost every part of this because chances are you’ve personally experienced every part… Read More


Video Conferencing in the Cloud

June 30, 2015

The term “cloud” or “cloud computing” refers to the accessing of software, files and more over the web, as opposed to being hosted on a physical computer. Think of the difference between owning CD’s versus accessing iTunes. The files are the same, but the way we access them has fundamentally… Read More


How to Choose the Right Conference Phone

May 6, 2015

Are you choosing the right conferencing phone? Audio conference calls can be pretty terrible when they’re not done right. People get cut off. You can’t tell who’s speaking on the other end. Voices are blurry, too quiet or too loud. Most just make do with the audio conferencing they are… Read More


6 Easy Ways to Hold More Effective Meetings

April 5, 2015

Like them or not, meetings are a way of life in the business world. We devote an average of four hours per week to them and sit in roughly 60 per month. Nearly 50% of business professionals ranked meetings the top time-waster at the office. Considering half of the time… Read More