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How to Set Up a Zero Touch Join Video Conferencing Experience

Ryan Murphy
February 27, 2020

Picture this: it’s meeting time. You plan to use the system in your boardroom to connect via video to collaborators at two different sites. You walk into the room at the appointed time, and without touching anything, the video system automatically connects to the call. The meeting begins. No effort required. You don’t have to dial anything. You don’t have to worry about handling any of the technology.

It just works, and the meeting begins immediately. And on time.

A video meeting experience like this is available to anyone, and it’s simple to set up with the technology that exists today. But it take a little bit of doing; let’s take a look at all the moving parts that are required to bring this game-changer to life.

It goes something like this:

  1. Set your device(s) to auto-answer.
  2. Schedule a dial-out to those devices at meeting time.

As with most things technological, there’s still a few considerations to make. Luckily there are solutions (like RP1Cloud) that are making it easier all the time.

First: set your device to auto-answer

This can be tricky. Not because the process of setting your device to auto-answer is difficult; THAT’S easy. No, the trick is nailing the security to allow your device to accept incoming calls from the internet while avoiding being spammed with unwanted ones.

The simplest solution is registering your device. I know the RP1Rooms service, so I’ll use that as an example: through the RP1.VC online portal, you enter your device’s details and assign it a custom address. Once registration is complete, you can use this address to call it from anywhere on the internet.

From there, head to your device interface and input the details you just specified in the RP1.VC portal. The device registers with the service, and gets a dedicated port resource. This means:

  • Calls are more reliable in terms of quality and drop rate;
  • You won’t have any issue with firewall traversal;
  • You can receive calls from anywhere on the internet;
  • Your device will not be spammed by unwanted calls.

Once this is complete, you can confidently set your device to auto-answer. So there’s one half of the equation.

Next: schedule dial-outs

A scheduled dial-out service is harder to find. Ours is the only one that I know of, but there may be others. Either way: I’ll use ours to describe it.

You sign into the RP1.VC portal and go to schedule a meeting. After entering your meeting particulars (time, date, invitees), you have the option to create a list of devices that you would like to dial out to at (or slightly before) the scheduled meeting time. Given that these devices would be joining a system-agnostic RP1Cloud call, you have the option to choose between SIP and H.323 protocols.

Now, if you’ve already registered some devices, or if you scheduled calls before, you can quick-add from the online directory instead of manually adding each new address. If you have to enter them all manually, well – they’ll be waiting for you next time.

You send the invites.

Walk into your meeting room and let the video meeting start for you!

When the scheduled meeting rolls around, the RP1.VC service dials out to all specified devices. Those turned on and set to auto-answer will automatically connect without any effort on the part of the meeting participants. They walk in, sit down, and watch the magic happen. No one at any site on the call needs to contend with any aspect of the technology – and THAT means that your meeting can begin immediately at the scheduled time.

Pull together a few different pieces of technology and create what is, in essence, an automated white-glove conferencing experience. Users, and your C-Levels in particular, will be blown away when they walk into a room and have their video meeting start for them.

And the best part? It does not cost much. Beyond your video hardware, all you need is an RP1Cloud license and a registration service like RP1Rooms. Anyone can set it up, then everyone can sit back and take advantage.

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