RP1Cloud Video Conferencing

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When you need video conferencing, you don't want a piecemeal solution. RP1Cloud is the all-in-one tool you need for seamless cloud communication.

Face-to-face communication is the future. With RP1Cloud, powered by Polycom you can have the complete conferencing package, hosted in the cloud. Make audio calls, attend video conferences and participate in webinars — all on a single platform.

Absolute Ease of Use

Just because video conferencing is awesome doesn't mean it needs to be difficult. You can be on a call in three clicks. 15 seconds. That's all it takes to participate. And with easy-to-access recordings you'll be able to share and listen back to your meetings with no hassle. All with the reliability of a product powered by Polycom.

Ease of Use
Accessible From Anywhere

Accessible From Anywhere.

Everyone's excited about cloud conferencing, and we're no different. The best part of conferencing in the cloud is the ability to access it and participate from anywhere, on any device. Now everyone can attend your conferences, no matter where they are or what they use.

Cloud-Based Collaboration.

There's something about in-person collaboration a phone call just won't replace. With RP1Cloud, you can share documents, whiteboard ideas, and meet face-to-face — just like a real-life meeting. Only difference is, you can collaborate from anywhere, without the travel hassle.

Cloud-Based Collaboration
Real Big Meeting Rooms

Real Big Meeting Rooms.

There's a reason virtual meetings are becoming more popular. Ever been in a crowded board room? 20 or so people huddle around a table, with chairs jostling into each other — it's not the picture of comfort. When meetings get big, rooms seem small and that's where our virtual meeting room comes in. With RP1Cloud, you can host virtual meetings for up to 50 people, from the comfort of anywhere.

Super Secure Servers.

RP1Cloud is all about security. It has options for manual meeting lockdown, endpoint registration and a 128 bit media encryption. Plus, with servers hosted at 151 Front St. in Toronto (one of the most secure telecommunication hubs in North America) you can rest assured your communications will be secure.

Super Secure Servers

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