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It shouldn't be hard.

Video conferencing has come a long way over the years. In fact, 87% more people use video conferencing today than two years ago. But every day, we meet people that aren’t collaborating over video because it's considered hard to use. Nowadays, you can connect to a cloud-based video meeting in as little as one click - it's that simple.

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What exactly is video conferencing?

Also known as video teleconferencing, it's a technology that enables two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions.

So how does it work? Similar to the way you'd call someone on Skype, video conferencing for business is just as easy - only more secure and reliable.

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This is Shelley, our Director of Sales, US/ASIAPAC! She loves discussing how video conferencing can help businesses.

Have questions? We'd love to help. Our eBook, Painlessly Simple: Your Video Conferencing Questions Answered, is a great spot to start. It answers some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about video conferencing.

  • "Being with Pragmatic for eight years, they're great and so hands-on. I've never had a problem and they offer the best prices in the industry!"

    — Alana Weinberg, TE Connectivity

  • "They have delivered a service that works seamlessly in our environment, removes the complexity for the end user, and alleviates some of the stress of my job that involves making sure our Cloud Video solution works with our current Polycom endpoints, laptops, mobile devices and other technology we leverage. I have and will continue to recommend them. "

    — A. Munson, SCORE Jail

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