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High quality cloud video and audio meetings.

RP1Cloud allows you to join video and/or audio meeting anywhere, anytime. From browser-based to standards-based endpoints, connect quickly and easily every time.

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Powerful Cloud Conferencing

RP1Cloud is setting new standards in video and audio conferencing quality and simplicity. This all-inclusive offer has no surprises or hidden fees. Connect new and legacy devices, and meet anywhere and at any time. You will be amazed how much more productive you can be.

RP1Cloud now offers the most straightforward browser-based meeting experience available in the market. Click the button below to learn about our new WebRTC experience!

More Ways to Manage Your Meeting

Take moderator control into the palm of your hand and optimize the meeting experience from anywhere - not just in the main room. Use your mobile device as a remote control to view all participants, record, mute, eject if required, and even call-out to other video devices in the directory to join the meeting.

High Quality

Choose the quality of HD video, sound and content sharing that is right for you. Up to 4096kbps, encryption and language options.

Simple to use

Join from browser, mobile device, Skype for Business, video telephone or room system. Also join by phone with VoIP or PSTN options to connect.

Low Cost

Don’t be fooled by other brands that seem to be less expensive. This all-inclusive service can be priced to meet any budget.

Customer Service

Committed to optimizing your meeting experience. Never hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer success team.

Register endpoints

Register your room systems with RP1Rooms. Never fumble trying to connect to a meeting again. Select video devices from your directory or just dial the 7-digit meeting ID to connect.

Powered by Poly

The core of the RP1Cloud platform is based on Poly RealPresence technology. The leader for decades in reliability and performance.

RP1Cloud Features

  • Brandable Outlook Calendar Plug-in
  • Brandable Google Calendar Plug-in
  • Localized language options
  • Works with all major web browsers
  • Unlimited SIP/H.323 connections
  • S4B Interoperability
  • All SIP desktop and Mobile apps
  • Phone Dial In
  • Brandable entry page
  • Host Controls and user management
  • Active Speaker identification
  • 20 Participant viewing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Application Sharing
  • Optional Video dial-out
  • Video Recordings (MP4)
  • Optional Video Streaming
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • Meeting statistics
  • Administrative privileges
  • Administrative Management
  • Admin aggregate Reporting
  • Monitor Usage
  • Administrative aggregate statistics
  • Endpoint Registration
  • One-touch Dial
  • Native Skype for Business Integration

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