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Unified Meeting

Use Unified Meeting to give presentations, collaborate on projects, and manage your audio calls!

Unified Meeting is a web-based tool that puts you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting – including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings. It’s an easy-to-use, integrated audio and web conferencing solution that lets you to get more done in less time.

Unified Meeting - Presentation

Collaborate With Web-Based Visuals

Unified Meeting is designed to take you audio calls to the next level. Give visual presentations, join forces on live files together, and share your screen. It's never been easier to work together over distance:

  • Pass control between meeting participants to give everyone the opportunity to share
  • Engage in public-facing or private chat during presentations
  • Record all audio and visuals for those who can’t make it
  • All content is secure and encrypted, and the meeting can be locked to make sure only invitees can join.
  • Engage in private or public-facing chats
  • Create and share polls
  • Hand raising and more!
Unified Meeting - Manage meeting

Manage Participants in Audio Meetings

Use the online Unified Meeting platform to manage your audio calls with simple click-based controls! Controls include:

  • Call scheduling in-platform or via optional Outlook Plug-in
  • Optional dial-out to participants
  • Online directory of saved and recently dialed numbers
  • Participant controls like mute and eject
  • Create break-out rooms for subsets of participants on the call
  • Lock call to prevent non-invitees from joining
UM5 Vidyo

Use Integrated Video to Meet Face-to-Face

The Unified Meeting platform can connect up to 16 participants via video! When enabled, this feature can be used to see collaborators face-to-face, or by speakers to enhance their own presentations. A simple toggle switched individual video on and off.

Securityw arrow

Your Unified Meeting Calls are Secure

You can be confident that your Unified Meeting are secure and private, thanks to a number of prevalent security features:

  • End-to-end 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Added security with additional one-time passcode
  • Moderators can see all connections (name and phone number)
  • Moderators can dial out to participants to verify the identify of people in the meeting
  • Lock meetings to prevent new participants from joining
  • Set up a custom waiting room for participants to queue and selectively grant entry into the conference
  • Participant dismissal
  • Regular vulnerability testing
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